* How Trump Could Easily Reverse Obama’s Opening To Cuba (2016-11-28)

NPR – “When President Obama began opening up to Cuba two years ago, reversing U.S. policy that dated back more than a half-century, he relied on executive orders that did not require the blessing of Congress. That means President-elect Donald Trump could easily undo Obama’s actions. And on the campaign trail, Trump said he would ‘terminate’ Obama’s orders that opened the way for travel and trade with Cuba, unless the U.S. could negotiate better terms.”


* President Obama Full Speech on Donald Trump Win (2016-11-09)

ABC News – “President Obama Full Speech on Election 2016 Results | President Obama has extended an invitation to president-elect Donald Trump to meet with him at the White House on Thursday. Press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the president called both Trump and Hillary Clinton following the results of the election early Wednesday.”