* What We Do

Failed Pols provides summaries of news stories from trusted sources on political topics. We have posts from multiple categories of media sources, including conservative, liberal, and uncategorized (which includes the publisher of this website, nonpartisan sources, nonprofit sources, and other sources that defy traditional categorization (such as late night TV shows, which are not, strictly speaking, news sources)).

We strive to keep the number of conservative and liberal media posts equal, although this is challenging since the majority of trusted media sources (including 3 of the 4 major TV networks) have audiences on the left side of the political spectrum. For example, many may consider The Wall Street Journal to be a conservative news source, but we put it in the “liberal” column because its readers are primarily liberal (source: 2014 Pew Research Center report).

Here are the current sources:

Top Conservative News Sources

Top Liberal News Sources

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