* Spicer’s Hitler statements, San Bernardino school shooting, The North Korea threat (2017-04-13)

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1. Sean Spicer’s Disturbing Hitler Statement (2017-04-12)


Jimmy Kimmel Live – “During his daily briefing, Sporty Spicer made an absolutely incredible statement about Syrian President Assad. He said ‘even someone as despicable as Hitler, didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons’ which is, of course, very wrong, but watch this and listen closely because you can almost hear the voice inside his head.”

1. Sean Spicer: “Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons…” (C-SPAN) (2017-04-11)


C-SPAN – “CLIPS: White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer: “Hitler, who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons…” -AND- his point of clarification on Hitler comments.”

2. Student killed in elementary school shooting (2017-04-11)


ABC News – “A suspect identified as Cedric Anderson allegedly killed his estranged wife and an 8-year-old student at a San Bernardino, California elementary school, before killing himself, authorities said.”

2. San Bernardino school shooting – NOT COVERED BY CONSERVATIVE MEDIA (2017-04-13)


3. Will the US try to denuclearise North Korea by force? – Inside Story (2017-04-10)


Al Jazeera English – “The US has rerouted several warships towards the region, after North Korea fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. The Carl Vinson strike group, which includes a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was initially meant to be heading to Australia. Its new route is seen as a show of strength by the US, which is also putting pressure on regional powers. President Trump has spoken to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about countering threats from Pyongyang. And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says China has agreed that action must be taken. To what lengths will Washington go, to removing a potential threat? Presenter: Laura Kyle. Guests: Jean Lee – Global fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center; Victor Gao – Director of the China National Association of International Studies; Jim Walsh – Research associate at MIT’s Security Studies Program.”

3. Oliver North: No doubt Trump would fire at North Korea (2017-04-10)


Fox Business – “‘War Stories’ Host Lt. Col. Oliver North reacts to the latest conflicts involving North Korea and Syria.”

* World reacts to US bombing of Syria, Trump meets Chinese president, Terrorist attack in Sweden (2017-04-10)

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1. European Allies Offer Cautious Welcome to US Missile Strikes, Urge UN Action (2017-04-07)


VOA News – “Washington’s allies in Europe have offered a cautious welcome to the United States’ missile strikes on Syrian military targets. The US action was in response to a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town, which the West blames on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad. Several European powers have called for the international community to take further measures against Syria via the United Nations, as Henry Ridgwell reports from London.”

1. Russia’s reaction to U.S. strike on Syria (2017-04-07)


Fox Business – “Former State Department Official under Bush 43 Paul Bonicelli and former Navy SEAL Michael Zapata on new fallout from the U.S. strike on Syria.”

2. Trump Meets with Chinese President, National Tell a Lie Day – Monologue (2017-04-07)


Late Night with Seth Meyers – “Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, April 6.”

2. WATCH: President Trump And Chinese President Xi Jinping Tour Mar-a-Lago Grounds (FNN) (2017-04-07)


FOX 10 Phoenix – “News & Politics.”

3. Stockholm lorry rams crowds killing several people – BBC News (2017-04-07)


BBC News – “A lorry has driven into a store in central Stockholm, killing at least two people, Swedish police say. Earlier media reports said three people had been killed. Police said a number of people were also injured. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said the country has been attacked and everything indicated that this was an act of terrorism.”

3. Terrorist attack in Sweden – NOT COVERED BY CONSERVATIVE MEDIA (2017-04-10)