Donald Trump: Backpedaler-in-Chief

Though Donald Trump frequently and regularly backpedals, denies, and waffles on what he says, some weeks stand out in that regard. This past week was one of those; Trump backpedaled on at least five major issues.

Trump began the week by calling the prime minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, “nasty,” after Frederiksen pronounced Trump’s proposal to purchase Greenland “absurd.” (It should be noted that Trump reserves the term for outspoken women, not men.) By the end of the week, however, Trump was praising Frederiksen as a “wonderful woman” after she personally phoned him.

Trump also backpedaled on the topic of more extensive background checks for potential gun owners. Early in the week, Trump said he advocated legislation calling for “strong background checks” for gun users. A bill to that effect had been drafted and had bipartisan support.

“We vow to act with urgent resolve,” said Trump on Monday. 

By the end of the week, Trump (after meeting with Wayne LaPierre, Chief Executive and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association), said that, as far as gun control was concerned, he had decided that “we already have meaningful background checks,” adding that bipartisan gun control legislation was a “slippery slope” that could mean the downfall of the second amendment. 

On Wednesday, Trump proclaimed, “I am the Chosen One!” Looking to the sky and talking with reporters about his trade talks with China. Two days later, he said he had been joking.

“It was sarcasm!” He said with a sneer. 

Regarding the escalating trade war with China and the plummeting stock market, Trump tweeted on Friday, “Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China including bringing …your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.” When challenged, Trump cited the 1977 International Emergency Economic Powers Act as justification. 

By Sunday, however, Trump told reporters, “I have no plan right now. Actually, we’re getting along very well with China right now. We’re talking.”

On Tuesday, Trump said he would advocate a cut in payroll tax to help fend off a recession. “Payroll tax is something that we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that, and that very much affects the workers of our country,” said Trump.

On Wednesday, however, Trump said he was no longer considering a payroll tax cut, declaring that the economy is great, and is not in danger of a recession. “I’m not looking at a tax cut now. We don’t need it. We have a strong economy,” Trump told reporters Wednesday.

Ever notice how Americans are supposed to have the innate ability to discern when Trump is “just kidding” from when he’s serious; and to recognize when he says something from which we’re expected to extract the opposite meaning? And that Trump supporters will get fully behind what Trump says until he says he didn’t say it? At which time his supporters develop an almost uncanny ability to tell the difference between an absurd Trumpism that was intended, and another equally absurd one that shouldn’t be taken literally?

How is Trump’s continual backpedaling congruent with his supporters’ slogan, “Says what he means and means what he says”?

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Donald Trump’s Big Lie about “Executing Babies”

Donald Trump claimed at a recent MAGA rally in Wisconsin that mothers and their doctors can, and do, make the decision to “execute” babies who are born alive after a failed abortion attempt. 

“The baby is born,” Trump said. “the mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully. And then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby.” 

Trump has been called out on numerous lies during his time in the White House. In fact, the Washington Post’s most recent count of Trump’s falsehoods and misleading claims has reached more than 10,000 as of April 29, 2019.  Trump’s lie about executing babies, however, may be one of his most dangerous. 

Trump’s comment followed his condemnation of Wisconsin (Democratic) Governor Tony Evers, who vetoed a bill that called for sentencing physicians to life imprisonment if they fail to take every possible measure to save babies who are born alive after a failed abortion, which, in reality, happens rarely.

OB-GYNs, nurses, and others in the medical professions are calling Trump’s claim about “executing babies” outrageous. “These remarks just show…a lack of compassion and a misunderstanding of what real-life health care looks like,” said Dr. Kristyn Brandi, a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health. “…These types of inflammatory reactions can spark violence, particularly at abortion providers like myself.”

As one Twitter user, Jamil Smith, tweeted, “This is precisely the kind of hysteria that inspires people who murder doctors and patients.” 

Experts say that the scenario Trump describes, where babies are born alive after surviving an abortion, is rare. According to Planned Parenthood, only 1.4 percent of abortions occur after 21 weeks, and then when the fetus is not viable, or has severe deformities. 

“Abortions later in pregnancy are rare — and often due to challenging circumstances,” tweeted a representative of Planned Parenthood Action. At no time do the parents and doctors of babies born this way make the decision to “execute” them. If the baby is not likely to survive after being born, families may elect to keep the baby comfortable and allow it to die naturally without extraordinary means, similarly to a hospice situation.

Time was when most people, no matter where they stood on abortion, would find it distasteful at best to even conjure Trump’s image of parents and doctors who execute babies. Trump, however, knows that this narrative about “executing” healthy babies after delivery riles up his base and keeps the poisonous, foul-smelling pot stirred. 

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