The United States Electoral College Says Joe Biden is President-Elect. Will the GOP Still Refuse To?

On Monday, December 14, the United States Electoral College made it official: Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. It was California’s 55 electoral votes that put president-elect Biden over the top, giving him more than the required 270 electoral votes to secure his win. Donald Trump’s supporters, including his base and most Republican members of Congress, have refused to recognize the legitimacy of Biden’s win. With the official vote of the United States Electoral College granting Joe Biden the victory, will more Republicans come around to recognizing it? 

Though faithless electors are rare in any American presidential election, this year, many Americans held their breath in hopes that none of the electors who were designated to cast their votes for Biden would have succumbed to pressure from Donald Trump to change their votes in favor of Trump. It turns out that the electors, as they pledged to do, have done the right thing and represented the will of the people, and not the unlawful will of Donald Trump.

Americans as a whole don’t usually watch nervously for the results of the electoral college’s votes, either, but this year is different. During the 2020 election cycle, the Republican Party, now the cult of Donald Trump, has gone to increasingly absurd lengths to delegitimize Joe Biden’s presidential win. 

First, following the November 7 Associated Press declaration of Joe Biden as the winner, there was the refusal by all but 22 Republican lawmakers to acknowledge Biden’s victory. Had Donald Trump not repeatedly falsely proclaimed himself the winner in social media, on TV news shows, and during rallies over the ensuing six weeks since the election, it’s probable that none of them would have had so much difficulty agreeing with reality. Never in our country’s history has a body of lawmakers refused to acknowledge the results of a free and fair election. But, as we’ve seen for four years, the GOP is afraid of crossing Donald Trump. They need his support, and they fear his verbal abuse, and so, no matter how preposterous his behavior, the GOP remains behind their man. 

When Trump and his lawyers filed lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit baselessly challenging the secure election processes in various states, the GOP found a convenient way to refrain from either agreeing or disagreeing with the 2020 election results— they could say they couldn’t be sure who was the winner until the legal challenges went through the courts. This allowed them not to commit to an ethical and lawful position that would ire Donald Trump, and it also allowed them not to openly commit to supporting a position not founded in reality or based on law. 

Of the more than 50 lawsuits filed by the Trump legal team and/or Trump loyalists in attempts to overturn the election results, more than 40 have been rejected, dismissed, withdrawn, or settled. Trump and his team, however, vow to continue bringing lawsuits until Joe Biden is inaugurated. 

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear both lawsuits Republicans brought before them in attempts to overturn Biden’s victory, including one by Republican Representative Mike Kelly. Kelly’s lawsuit disputed the constitutionality of universal mail-in voting in Pennsylvania, and asked that Pennsylvania mail-in ballots be thrown out. 

In response, SCOTUS issued this brief order: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice [Samuel] Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.” There was apparently no dissent among the nine justices.

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, backed by Trump, filed a second lawsuit attempting to reverse Joe Biden’s victory. Paxton’s lawsuit sought to negate Biden’s wins in the four key swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Abandoning their core principle of “states’ rights” (including that a state has no right to govern another state’s election laws and process), more than 120 Republican members of Congress, and more than a dozen states where Trump won the popular vote, filed briefs supporting Texas’ lawsuit. 

Again, SCOTUS issued a brief order rejecting the case, saying that Texas does not legally have the right to sue the states because it “has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections.”

The U.S. Supreme Court includes three Trump-appointed justices. Trump, it appears, had been confident that “his” Supreme Court would help him out. Before the November 3 election, and after setting up his base to expect voter fraud, should he not win, Trump expressed that he believed the race would be decided by the Supreme Court. He was disappointed. 

“The Supreme Court really let us down,” Trump tweeted on December 11. “No Wisdom, No Courage!” 

Wisdom and courage, however, seem to be in short supply, not in the U.S. Supreme Court, who were doing what they were appointed to do— interpreting the law— but in GOP lawmakers. The party who consider themselves “patriots” are supporting Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, and his increasingly irrational proclamations that he has won the 2020 election. Apparently, “patriotism,” to them, is not about honoring a secure election, but instead, dishonorably defying it.  

Many in the GOP like to think of themselves as “constitutional conservatives,” but it has become unclear which “constitution” they are referring to. 

“This is the time for the ‘constitutional conservatives’ to acknowledge that when the electoral college elects the president-elect, he is president-elect,” noted CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip. 

With legal actions unraveling, especially now that the U.S. Supreme Court has roundly rejected two flimsy and evidence-devoid lawsuits, a few more GOP lawmakers have come around to admitting that it looks increasingly like Joe Biden is the legitimate president-elect. Unwilling to completely let go of their support of Trump and his fantasy re-election, but nevertheless seeing the walls of their refusal closing in, some are creeping closer to publicly acknowledging Joe Biden as president-elect. Some, such as Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, still feel the need to add a statement like, “subject to whatever additional litigation is ongoing,” to their declarations.” 

Other Republicans still seem astonished that Trump hasn’t been successful at overturning the results of the election. With the likelihood looking increasingly bleak, they have been putting their faith in the December 14 electoral college vote. 

“Certifications are really just a procedural step,” said Lara Trump on Dec. 2. “The reality is the electors do not vote in each state until Dec. 14. The state legislatures each have the opportunity to delegate, you know, where they want those electoral votes headed.”

Trump campaign senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis said, “Let’s remember that the electoral college, which is our constitutional process, does not vote until December 14. We have plenty of time to pursue all legal options.”

Perhaps Republicans were hoping for Trump to pull a trick out of his sleeve on December 14. The electoral college vote has taken place, however. Joe Biden has been confirmed by “our constitutional process” as the winner.

In the days to come, will more Republicans return to their “constitutional conservative” roots and recognize that acknowledgement of Joe Biden as the president-elect will be what allows democracy and the constitution to work as designed, or will they continue to seek one more “official” day, one more lawsuit, one more magical victory that hasn’t happened yet?

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Editorial: Donald Trump Couldn’t Undermine our Republic without the GOP’s Help

When the Republican-led Senate failed to vote in favor of removing Donald Trump from office following his impeachment in January of 2020, more than half of Americans knew what was bound to happen. We knew that a president who was given a pass on abusing the power of his office and obstructing Congress would only step up his self-serving game. Now, enabled by the same GOP who voted to condone his behavior in January, Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops as he obstructs the U.S. election process and attempts to vaporize our democratic systems— just as we knew he would.

Back in January, the argument against impeachment and removal was that it would undermine the integrity of the American voting process. Republicans repeatedly said that impeaching and removing Trump from office would illegitimize his election by “the people.” That didn’t make sense then, and makes even less sense now. A president who proves to be corrupt and unlawful, who turns out to be someone who willingly and regularly puts his own interests above those of his country, should be removed from office. That is why we have the impeachment and removal processes to turn to.

Undermine the integrity of the voting process? Donald Trump was already trying to do that by pressuring a foreign government (Ukraine) to provide false information about Trump’s opponent (Joe Biden). And despite being impeached for reasons surrounding it, Trump continued to try to undermine the legitimacy of the election process in numerous ways, including planting the idea deeply in the minds of his supporters that if he lost the 2020 presidential election, it would be because Democrats had cheated.

And now, as expected, with President-elect Joe Biden the confirmed winner in a presidential election that even numerous Republican election officials have described as “the most secure election in U.S. history,” 70 percent of Republicans think that Joe Biden won because the Democrats cheated.

It doesn’t matter how many times a judge throws out one of Team Trump’s unfounded lawsuits, or how many well-respected Republican officials give testament to the integrity of the 2020 election. Without evidence, and on the basis of absurd conspiracy theories, Trump and his legal team have filed more than 30 lawsuits contesting the election results in various states, only two of which they have won.

But Donald Trump maintains that he has won re-election, despite the millions of votes that show otherwise; and that’s good enough for his staunch supporters.

Trump has purposely set up his supporters to be prepared for an election in which the only legitimate outcome, in their eyes, would be for Donald Trump to win. He has also worn down their trust in a fair election to the point where they see it as perfectly reasonable to simply not accept the results of an election in a world in which Donald Trump did not win. This includes demanding repeated vote recounts, supporting baseless lawsuits to overturn the vote tallies in states where Trump didn’t win, pressuring the resignation and threatening the lives of election officials who say the election was free and fair, and even pressuring electors in states where Joe Biden won to vote in favor of Donald Trump, instead.

“The integrity of the election process” was extremely important to Republicans back in January. “Let’s not remove a fairly elected president from office,” they said. “That will only serve to cause mistrust in our election process. We have to let the people judge Donald Trump at the ballot box in November.”

In November, the people did judge Donald Trump at the ballot box, and they judged in favor of Joe Biden.

Suddenly, however, “the integrity of the election process” means very little to those same Republicans. Their vote in January had nothing to do with integrity. Then, as now, they are largely silent about Trump’s increasingly brazen flouting of the law, out of fear of the damage Donald Trump could do to their careers, should they anger him. They have voted to save their literal and figurative seats.

The message they sent Trump and his supporters in January was that Donald Trump is not accountable to his country, its laws, or its people. That message is being acted on more clearly than many Americans could even imagine, as Trump, in the manner of authoritarians everywhere, uses every unscrupulous means possible to grab and hold onto the power he and his supporters believe should be his without restriction, simply because they want it to be so.

Republican lawmakers, whether in their silence, or in their continued outward support of Donald Trump’s behavior, have placed their political survival above the survival of our republic. They have been complicit with Donald Trump  as they have allowed and enabled him to set in motion a deep and damaging distrust and disrespect for our democratic process. As 70 percent of Republicans say that Joe Biden won the election because the Democrats cheated, Trump and his enablers have been successful in hobbling our country such that it may never be fully repaired.

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