Donald Trump Kicks Off Re-election Campaign

Donald Trump has officially kicked off his campaign for re-election. Though he announced his intention to run for re-election at an Orlando, Florida, rally on June 18, 2019, Trump had actually filed his re-election campaign with the Federal Election Commission on the day he was inaugurated in 2016. 

Trump has gotten a lot of campaign mileage out of fear-mongering, voicing grievances, and inciting distrust and resentment of otherness (Anyone deviating from the general demographic of his base is fair game).

Democrats, Trump told his fans at the Florida kickoff rally, “want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it.”

“A vote for any Democrat in 2020,” he continued, “is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream.”

In his efforts to portray an economically thriving America, Trump has attempted to redefine what constitutes poverty, thus reducing the number of Americans — even working Americans — who would qualify for assistance. And though many Trump supporters themselves are not faring well economically, they remain on the Trump bandwagon, as evidenced by the enthusiasm at the Florida kickoff rally for Trump’s re-election slogan, “Keep America Great.”

And despite (or because of) Robert Mueller’s reported findings related to Trump’s possible obstruction of justice in the Russia investigation; despite Trump’s ties to corporations; and despite Trump’s now more than 10,000 documented lies or misrepresentations since taking office, Trump’s base remain steadfast in their support. 

Meanwhile, 20 Democrats prepare for the first 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, running on platforms that actually could contribute to America’s greatness — climate change, the opioid crisis, health care. But “greatness,” as seen by Trump’s supporters, appears to be defined by exclusion, divisiveness, and a narrow world-view.

As the Democratic candidates debate each other and put forth their platforms, it seems that most agree on what they see as the most important issue, no matter who gets the Democratic nomination: to beat Donald Trump and prevent his re-election. 

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